It’s not hard to see why everyone is going crazy over the Lucid Air electric sedan. It seems to tick all the boxes: it looks great, has a great interior, class-leading range and performance that ranks it among the quickest sedans ever made. Oh, and since Lucid is a brand new company with no experience manufacturing cars, the fact that the Air looks and feels so convincing  (especially for a first effort) adds to the allure.

However, there are still very few Airs on the road, given the fact that only a few Dream Edition examples (the first to ship) have actually reached their very lucky owners. Lucid organized a very nice handover and drive ceremony to celebrate the delivery of its first ever vehicles, and it even put out a video packed with praise showing owners’ reactions to the vehicle.

Since there are still not that many of these on the road, the next best thing to seeing one live is seeing it in as high quality video as possible. This very crisp 4K video uploaded by Insane Supercars on Y0uTube is short, it has no commentary, but it arguably gives you a better look at the vehicle, both compared to most videos on the air that have already been published, as well as the official photos and footage provided by the company.

Independent videos like this one will show off angles where the design may look awkward, it will highlight quality or assembly problems and just give you a slightly different perspective on the vehicle. Both the exterior and interior are featured in this video. Make sure to also check out our own video coverage of the Lucid Air, featured in the related articles box right below.

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