Tesla's overall sales/export of Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3/Model Y in September once again surged to a new all-time high.

The total volume (sales and export) - according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)'s data (via Reuters, Moneyball and Chinese media) increased 394% year-over-year to 56,006 units.

* CPCA reports wholesale shipments, not registrations/deliveries.

That's five-times more than a year ago and 26.5% more than in August. Tesla Giga Shanghai's plant clearly operates at its highest ever level.

However, let's not forget that other manufacturers are also pushing hard. For reference, BYD just crossed 70,000 units last month (more on that soon).


In September Tesla's output in China was directed mostly to Chinese customers. This is why the local sales are 52,153 (up 360% year-over-year), compared to two weaker months (July and August) when the production was focused on export.

Overall, the Q3 sales in China hit a new all-time record of 73,659, compared to 61,745 in Q2 and 69,280 in Q1.


In September, the export was just 3,853 units.



The data that we saw so far indicates that the local sales of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y in China amounted to respectively 19,120 and 33,033.

For the Model 3, it's a 69% increase year-over-year, while for the Model Y it is a new all-time record.

The Model 3 sales in China already exceeded 110,000 so far this year, compared to roughly 138,000 in 2020. The Model Y is close to 93,000, which means that this year the company already sold over 200,000 EVs in China.

With one quarter remaining, Tesla should be able to easily increase the Model 3 sales in China versus 2020, and thanks to the Model Y, significantly improve its overall volume.


The next two months of the year - October and November - probably will be once again focused on export (primarily to Europe).


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