The GMC Hummer EV is expected to go into production in the latter part of 2021, sometime this fall, to be precise, but prototypes have been a constant sight on the streets of Detroit and its surroundings. After our own Steven Loveday spotted an electric Hummer prototype which sped off into the distance leaving him no chance of catching up to get a better look, we came across this video posted on YouTube by TFLnow.

They got the video from a viewer who shot what is very clearly several Hummer EV prototypes being driven down Woodward boulevard in Detroit. And they can’t quite be sure, but it appears that the first of these vehicles was actually being driven by the chief engineer of the Hummer EV project, Al Oppenheiser.

The video begins with the row of Hummers waiting at a set of traffic lights, and when the lights go green, the first three vehicles accelerate hard, pitching backward hard on what appeared to be quite soft suspension. The vehicle rides on air suspension and it has some innovative shock absorbers designed by ZF - its ride height can be raised by up to 6 inches in what is called ‘Extract Mode’, but it the setup seems quite soft, unless you can also adjust stiffness.

Towards the end of the video, the vehicles also do a spot of crab walking to please onlookers. It’s not something that was not shown before, but it’s such a unique feature that we don’t mind seeing it in action again. You will also notice that some of the prototypes appear more finished than others - the first one, for instance, appears to be the final production model, while other examples are either missing parts or using placeholders.

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