Volkswagen is going to increase the size of its ID range with models that are smaller and larger than those it currently sells. Of the former, the first one expected to arrive is apparently the ID.2, which unsurprisingly is apparently going to be a small crossover, not a hatchback.

We were initially expecting Volkswagen to launch a small city hatchback, an electric replacement for the Up!, but according to AutoExpress, the battery powered high-rider will be the first to arrive. Both it and the ID.1 mini hatchback will debut before 2025, but it’s the crossover that is expected to come first.

Both the ID.2 and ID.1 will be underpinned by a pared-down version of the MEB platform, called MEB Entry and both are expected to be built by SEAT in Spain. Since they will have a shorter wheelbase than existing MEB models, they will have smaller battery packs, probably around the 30 kWh mark as standard or up to around 45 kWh as an option. The latter should still give them nearly 200 miles of real-world range, though.

Volkswagen will also work a lot on bringing the cost of the ID.1 and ID.2 down to around the €20,000 mark, and this is believed to be one of the reasons why these two cheapest ID models are arriving so late to the party.

The source also points out that the ID.2 (and possibly the ID.1) will have equivalent models with SEAT and Skoda badges and all will be produced at the same plant in Spain, most likely the facility in Barcelona. VW is also planning to build a battery pack manufacturing facility in Spain too, specifically in Catalonia next to the facility where the new ID models are expected to be built.

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