Porsche's Taycan is one of the nicest looking electric cars on the market, but the only problem with, it in some people’s eyes anyway, is that there isn’t sufficient visual differentiation between the versions. This is why some who own the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S (like the vehicle in the gallery) may want to make their vehicle look sportier and more unique, which is where this kit from Mansory comes in.

The German tuning house is know for its over-the-top visual modifications (many widebody kits, some of which are more tasteful than others), so this kit for the Taycan is subtle and subdued by its standards. Looking at the Taycan that wears this kit, we can see it's comprised of a big front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, as well as custom vents below the headlights and in front of the hood and a small lip spoiler on the trunk lid.

Gallery: Mansory Porsche Taycan

If you look more closely, you will also spot the mirror caps, badges and the detail that runs across the charging port and onto the door all are unique. It’s worth mentioning that all of the custom parts mentioned above are made from the same forged carbon, so their finish is consistent, helping the vehicle look cohesive.

The wheels also deserve attention. They have 22-inch single-piece rims and are staggered for the Taycan, helping it look like a traditional sports sedan. Mansory has also touched the inside, although its intervention here is even more subtle than outside - there aren’t any photos in the gallery showing any significant modifications, but this is Mansory, and you can have them go as crazy as your wallet allows. Keep in mind that this is one of their milder creations.

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