German luxury sports car maker Porsche has embraced electrification and proved it could offer some of the best battery-powered cars available, albeit at a hefty price.

The updated Taycan is one hell of an electric sports sedan, and the all-new electric Macan one-ups just about every competitor in terms of charging speed, handling, and ride comfort. The big Cayenne is also in for an electric upgrade soon.

However, Porsche is also known for its entry-level sports cars, such as the Cayman hardtop and Boxster convertible. In fact, if it weren’t for the original Boxster that debuted almost three decades ago, Porsche wouldn’t have stuck around for too long because it was having quite the financial struggles. The Boxster made the company enough money to keep it afloat and help it bloom into what it is today–controversial Cayenne and Macan included.

Just like the Macan (and next-generation Cayenne), the entry-level Cayman and Boxster, which today offer mid-engine thrills, will soon become all-electric sports machines. So, let’s see what we can expect from the upcoming battery-powered coupe and convertible Porsches.

What Will The Electric Porsche 718 Cayman And Boxster Look Like?

When you see a new Porsche on the road today, you immediately know what it is, and the next-generation 718 Boxster convertible and 718 Cayman hardtop will be no different.

Multiple spy shots showing test mules have circulated online ever since the German company started its outdoor testing program in 2022. From them, we can see that the new generation of entry-level sports EVs will be similar to the currently available ICE models. 

Gallery: 2025 Porsche 718 Boxster EV spy photos near the Arctic Circle

We expect to see a similar, familiar face on the electric models, just like the electric Macan bears a heavy resemblance to its combustion-powered counterpart. 

What Will Power The Porsche 718 Cayman And Boxster EVs?

Porsche’s latest and greatest tech for mass-produced EVs can be found in the company’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, which underpins the recently revealed electric Macan.

The crossover gets an 800-volt high-voltage battery pack that can store up to 100 kilowatt-hours, a maximum charging speed of 270 kW, and a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system that can output a maximum of 630 horsepower (470 kW) and 833 pound-feet of torque for short periods.

Gallery: Porsche 718 Boxster EV renders

We expect the upcoming 718 Cayman and Boxster to use the same shiny new electric architecture and offer at least a single-motor rear-wheel drive setup. That said, the facelifted Taycan is currently the company’s electric flagship in terms of performance, and it’s not based on the PPE architecture.

There’s no official word on power output, battery capacity and charging speeds for the upcoming 718 EVs, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what Porsche has in store for its followers.

What Upgrades Will Porsche Offer For The 718 Cayman And Boxster EVs?

As with every other Porsche, the electric 718 Cayman and Boxster will likely have a long list of optional extras like carbon ceramic brakes, extra power that can be software-unlocked and all sorts of accessories inside and outside.

In other words, the base models will come with all the bare necessities, but we expect many customers will opt for at least a few cost-extra options to give their cars a little bit extra.

Gallery: Porsche Boxster EV interior spy photos

Limited edition models might also come to the market. We will likely see the most potent versions of the EVs debut first, followed by the more affordable variants. That’s been the Porsche way for many years.

How Much Will The Porsche 718 Cayman And Boxster EVs Cost?

Currently, the gas-powered 718 Cayman starts at $68,300, while the convertible 718 Boxster costs $2,100 more. The entry-level versions have a 2.0-liter engine that makes 300 hp, while the top-spec RS trims, which cost over $160,000, have a 4.0-liter motor that makes 493 hp.

But looking at the price difference between the gas-powered Macan and the all-electric version, we’d argue that the upcoming 718-branded EVs will be more expensive than their combustion counterparts.

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When Will The Porsche 718 Cayman And Boxster EVs Debut?

Porsche confirmed that the 718 Cayman and Boxster EVs will debut in 2025, but even though the company has been testing the two models for almost two years on open roads, it hasn’t provided any official details.

We know from spy shots that the charging port will be located at the back, between the taillights, and that the interior will feature at least two screens–one for the digital instrument cluster and one for the infotainment system.

We expect the new entry-level Porsche EVs to be unveiled by the end of this year, with manufacturing handled by the company’s main factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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