The internet went Cyber-crazy after Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in November, 2019, and while its design may not be that hot a discussion topic these days, it’s still inspiring designers. Many are applying the Cybertruck’s now iconic look to other vehicle body styles and the resulting creations aren’t always successful.

But what do you think of this Cybercoupe, created by Andreas Shiakas, who has an entire Cyber Lineup of vehicles on his Behance page. Yet the most striking out them all is this Cybercoupe, that kind of looks like an older Lamborghini from the front, although from the side and rear, you really start to see the Cybertruck inspiration.

The designer said in his message to us that his Cybercoupe is heavily inspired by wedge-shaped 1970s supercars, and we can totally see it. This makes us wonder if the Cybertruck itself drew from the same era of automotive style, but adapted the design to the constraints of a pickup truck body style.

Gallery: Tesla Cybercoupe

Do you think there would be a case for Tesla to design some future model in the same Cyber style? The Cybertruck certainly caused a stir, but would a second wedge-shaped, bare stainless steel vehicle be too much? Maybe a different kind of retro inspiration, say from one decade prior, when cars were unashamedly curvaceous.

The sheer number of Cyber-inspired renderings suggests there is certainly interest in retro-futuristic design. Tesla has already proven that something as bold looking as the Cybertruck will get people interested and talking so maybe the manufacturer has more retro-infused design planned. Right now we’re waiting for it to reveal the production-spec Cybertruck, whose design we hope was not watered down too much in order to be road-legal.

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