For a brand that has pledged to go all-electric in the US and Canada by 2030, Buick is taking its time. 

The automaker has yet to launch an all-electric model in its home market, despite offering no fewer than four BEVs in China: the Velite 6 compact wagon, the Velite 7 subcompact crossover and the Ultium-based Electra E4 and Electra E5 SUVs.

Rest assured, Buick EVs are coming to the US, with the first model expected to arrive in late 2024 utilizing Ultium architecture underpinnings. As with its recent China-market EVs, Buick will use the Electra name for its EV lineup in the US followed by an alphanumeric code to distinguish the models.

The first Buick EV to launch stateside is expected to be the Electra E5 mid-size SUV, but what will come after it remains a mystery for now. That being said, GM Design has posted a drawing on its Instagram page that suggests Buick may be General Motors' next brand to receive a rugged flagship electric SUV.

Created by designer Geoffrey Richmond, the design painting depicts a high-riding SUV with generous ground clearance, big wheels, and a body shaped by Buick's latest design language inaugurated by the Wildcat EV Concept last year.


The front end is dominated by the split headlights with horizontal DRLs located at the top and recessed vertical lamps further below flanking the trapezoidal grille. The Buick SUV also features two sharp creases on the sides of the hood that contrast with the smooth surfacing on the rest of the bodywork.

The interior seems to feature three rows of seats judging by the headrests that are visible in the painting, which means that this Buick would rival models like the Kia EV9, Rivian R1S, Volvo EX90, and Tesla Model X if it makes it to production. Unfortunately, GM Design did not share any details about this Buick design proposal so this is just speculation for now.

How do we know this design painting previews an all-electric model, though? We don't, but it would be rather strange from Buick to spend money developing another ICE-powered SUV given its plan to go all-electric in seven years' time.

It's worth noting that Buick has filed nine trademark applications with the USPTO for Electra models E1 through E9, so there's lots of room in the lineup for a several bigger models than the Electra E5.

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