Buick has unveiled its second Ultium-based EV, the Electra E4, in China.

Set to join the recently launched Electra E5 SUV in the brand's Chinese lineup, the Electra E4 is a slightly smaller vehicle that adopts a more dynamic-looking SUV coupe body. 

It shares the same Pure Design styling language with the Electra E5, as well as the wheelbase of 113.3 inches (2,954 millimeters). The Electra E4 is only marginally shorter than the E5 at 189.7 inches (4,818 mm), slightly wider 75.3 in (1,912 mm) in width, and lower at 62.2 in (1,581 mm).

Styling highlights include the sleek LED lights, aggressive trapezoidal grille, double rear spoiler, hidden door handles, and short overhangs that give the vehicle a sportier appearance than the more traditional Electra E5.

Inside, the Buick Electra E4's dashboard has a similar layout to the Electra E5 and is dominated by the same EYEMAX 30-inch integrated curved screen. The driver-centric Buick Virtual Cockpit System has 6K resolution and incorporates a powerful Snapdragon 8155 chip. 

Buick says the screen offers convenient access to all necessary driving information and vehicle controls, "with smooth, intuitive human-machine interaction." The connectivity system is also said to feature a modern user interface, multimedia content and advanced intelligent voice assistance that supports enhanced navigation and customized voice command.

Gallery: 2023 Buick Electra E4

When it comes to space, Buick says the cabin provides segment-leading headroom of 39.9 inches (1,013 mm) in the front as well as "customer-pleasing headroom and knee space for second-row passengers." The impression of space is further enhanced by the 12.9-square-foot (1.2-square-meter) panoramic glass roof.

The electric crossover also offers 28 storage areas throughout the cabin, including a 4.1-liter open space in the front. Other interior features worth a mention are the new dynamic seats featuring floating wide headrests, 121-color ambient lighting system, Apple CarPlay, and wireless phone charging.

No powertrain specifications are available yet, but an earlier registration application with the Chinese authorities revealed that the Electra E4 is powered by a 241-horsepower (180-kilowatt) electric motor. A dual-motor variant is expected to follow later. The battery is expected to feature LFP chemistry. 

Buick is expected to launch the Electra E4 in China on June 19, with sales to begin later in the month. Prices are not available for now, but Chinese sources estimate the electric SUV will cost between $27,900 and $41,850 (200,000 and 300,000 yuan). 

The Electra E4 is a China-exclusive model and there's no indication it will be offered in North America. That said, Buick will launch an Ultium-based SUV in the US in 2024, likely the Electra E5.

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