7‑Eleven announced that by the end of 2022, it will install DC fast chargers at 250 select U.S. and Canada stores.

The company said that the goal is to offer at least 500 DC ports, while the images show ChargePoint's dual-head fast chargers. It suggests that there will be one charger with two stalls at each of the 250 selected stores. The planned power output was not disclosed.

7‑Eleven already operates 22 charging stations located at 14 stores in four states. With the upcoming expansion, "the company will have one of the largest and most compatible fast-charging systems of any retailer in the U.S."

At this point, we don't know yet whether those chargers will be free to use for customers of the store, or paid. Usually, retail chains invest in charging infrastructure to attract more customers and maybe keep them shopping a little bit longer.

7-Eleven To Install 250 DC fast chargers
7-Eleven To Install 250 DC fast chargers

7‑Eleven tries to improve also the share of renewable energy use, already achieving:

  • purchasing 100% wind energy for 800+ Texas stores and 300+ Illinois stores
  • renewable energy purchases include 150 stores using hydropower in Virginia
  • 300 Florida stores powered by solar energy

To put that in perspective, the chain includes 16,000 stores in North America (more than 77,000 stores total in 16 countries and regions).

7‑Eleven President and CEO Joe DePinto said:

“7‑Eleven has always been a leader in new ideas and technology to better serve the needs of our customers. Adding 500 charging ports at 250 7‑Eleven stores will make EV charging more convenient and help accelerate broader adoption of EVs and alternative fuels. We are committed to the communities we serve and to working toward a more sustainable future.”

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