Ford CEO Jim Farley announced that the number of Ford F-150 Lightning reservations exceeded 44,500 "and counting" in less than 48 hours.

The number is getting serious and it seems that those who would like to get the truck in 2022 are probably running out of time.

The initial average rate of new registrations was close to 1,700  per hour (20,000 in 12 hours), while now it's closer to 930 per hour. We guess that tomorrow it might be 50,000.


It's unknown how many Ford F-150 Lightning will be produced and sold in 2022. 50,000 would be an outstanding start in our opinion, especially since a lot of customers interested in electric pickups are waiting also for the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T and some other models on the horizon.

The number of Ford F-150 Lightning reservations tells us two things - first, that the introduction was successful, and second, that there is significant demand for electric pickups.

That's an important indicator that even with today's limitations in battery technology (limited range, especially when towing), electric pickups are making a splash.

More energy-dense, and less expensive batteries in the future probably will enable to offer serious counterparts for the entire range of pickup applications. Especially in combination with improving charging infrastructure. Then, sales will increase by an order of magnitude.

Hopefully, the market launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning will prompt also other manufacturers to join the party - electric Chevrolet Silverado is already confirmed, so maybe we will see also an electric RAM. By the way, Toyota is also on board.

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