For the month of March 2021, Hyundai reports (as a manufacturer) 6,588 plug-in electric car sales globally. That's about 18.5% less than a year ago, but with the Ioniq 5 just around the corner, it might be a just the silence before the storm.

Plug-ins stand for about 4.1% of the total Hyundai volume of 161,314 (up 0.2% year-over-year).

Sales by powertrain type:

  • BEVs: 4,583 (down 35%)
  • PHEVs: 2,005 (up 100%)
  • FCVs: 1,144 (up 44%)

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – March 2021


So far this year, Hyundai reports sales of 16,379 plug-in car sales (down 6% year-over-year), which represents 3.9% of the total volume.

Sales by powertrain type year-to-date:

  • BEVs: 12,148 (down 21%)
  • PHEVs: 4,231 (up 104%)
  • FCVs: 2,051 (up 38%)

Model results

In March, the Kona Electric was still the best selling plug-in model, but it's noticeably below the 2020-average of 4,700+ units a month.

The most important thing is that the Santa Fe plug-in hybrid is gradually rising and already entered into a four-digit range with a new monthly record of 1,171.

The manufacturer reports the few first sales of the Ioniq 5, but those are not yet customers' cars.


The hydrogen fuel-cell model — NEXO — noted a new monthly record of 1,144 sales (2,051 YTD), mostly in South Korea (934 and 1,644 YTD).

1,000+ FCVs a month is not a common sight so great applause for the effort, but we guess that NEXO will have no chance with the Ioniq 5 and it will be very interesting to see the sales of this pair in South Korea.

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