Blue Bird, in partnership with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) specialist Nuvve, delivered the first operational DC fast charge V2G-capable electric school bus in North America.

The vehicle is one of two Blue Bird Type C electric buses delivered to Illinois’ Pekin Public School District and Hollis Consolidated School District #328 in Peoria. Both school districts are members of the Bus-2-Grid Initiative.


With the V2G capability, the bus should be able to earn some money when stationary, during peak electricity demand. Unfortunately, the company has not provided any details in terms of power output or expected revenues.

The V2G service like this requires not only a bi-directional charger, but also a special system that will allow utilities to control the energy flow and use energy in EV batteries when needed.

"Nuvve’s V2G platform allows the school bus batteries to store energy, including renewable energy generated from sources like wind and solar, when the grid doesn’t have immediate need for it. This allows fleets to sell stored energy from the school bus batteries to the grid when demand calls for it. The Nuvve V2G system can also be used to supply energy back to the school and intelligently charge the buses during non-peak hours to reduce peak-consumption energy costs. Nuvve is installing their high-powered V2G DC charging stations at each site."


Only time will tell whether the associated costs of the V2G will be acceptable compared to the benefits of energy storage. School buses, which are often idle during the peak demand times, might be in a sweet spot for V2G application.

Blue Bird appears to be one of the leaders of the electric school bus market with more than 400 vehicles delivered or on order.

The vehicle delivered recently is powered by the Cummins PowerDrive EV system.

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