Not everyone will want the top of the range BMW iX xDrive50 model, with its 493 horsepower (500 PS) output, 600+ km (373+ miles) of claimed WLTP range and a maximum charging rate of 200 kW. At launch, BMW will also offer a cheaper, slower iX xDrive40 model with less power and a smaller battery.

The automaker didn’t say exactly what the iX 40’s battery capacity is, but it’s apparently over 70 kWh (and probably under 80 kWh, so somewhere in the middle). As a result, its WLTP range drops to 400+ km (249 miles), but at the same time, thanks to its lower weight (courtesy of the smaller battery), it is actually more efficient - under 20 kWh/100km for the iX 40 versus under 21 kWh/100km for the iX 50.

The iX 40 can’t charge quite as quickly as the 50 either. The former peaks at 150 kW, while the latter is good for 200 kW. Even so, charging from 10 percent to 80 percent takes the same 40 minutes as the iX 50, only in this case there’s just less electricity to replenish.

The big draw for this iX xDrive 40 version will obviously be the lower price. In the United States, the more powerful xDrive 50 model will start in the mid-$80,000 range, we predict that the xDrive 40 will cost some $10,000 less, although we’re not actually sure if it will be the more popular variant given it’s already an expensive vehicle and buyers may want to spend the extra cash on more range and acceleration. In Europe, BMW says the iX xDrive 40 will start at €77,400.

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