Now that Porsche has launched the entry level rear-wheel drive Taycan, that you can buy for under $100,000 in the States, the model’s popularity is sure to go up and this will result in you seeing more of them out on the road. This will definitely in turn prompt some to want to customize their Taycan to stand out and TechArt has just unveiled a complete aesthetic makeover kit for the Taycan.

The pack contains an exterior aero kit as well as a unique set of wheels. You will spot a redesigned front bumper, different side skirts and a bigger rear diffuser. All of these additions are said to have been aero tested in a wind tunnel and they don’t negatively impact the Taycan’s performance.

What we especially like about this kit is the subtlety; it still looks like it could have come from the factory like this - a Taycan wearing this body kit won’t look like one that has been modified, unless you are a car person and can tell the difference.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan by Techart

Inside, though, the makeover is far more obvious. On the interior, most surfaces are covered in either black leather or very dark Alcantara complimented by bright green stitching. The same strong green is used for piping around the dash and seat, as well as the floor mats and on the mode selector switch on the steering wheel.

The seats, top of the dashboard and top of the door panels are also reupholstered and they both feature a subtle diamond-stitched pattern that’s also replicated on the steering wheel grips (where it is more visible because contrasting green thread is used for the stitching). TechArt has not revealed pricing for this kit yet, but since it also allows for extra customization as per the customer’s input, it definitely won’t be cheap because it’s a quality kit made by some of the best names in the business.

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