You may have seen the Porsche Taycan drag raced against various performance cars and you may have been impressed by its straight line acceleration, yet it offers so much more than that for a keen driver. And you should ask yourself if you really need one of the more powerful versions or even all-wheel drive, because there’s a strong chance the base rear-wheel drive model might just be the pick of the range.

Porsche does allow you to get the rear-wheel drive Taycan with the largest battery pack it offers, you can get most of the comfort and convenience options fitted to it and it is quite a bit cheaper than the more powerful versions. Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire drove a base Taycan on a twisty canyon road and, as we’ve come to expect from Taycans, the car’s handling and balance shone through - he even hints at the fact that it might just be the best Taycan to have.

Sure, if you simply must have close to 700 horsepower, then the Turbo S is the only option. It will win you most drag races, but it will also cost you some $200,000. The base Taycan starts at under $90,000 and while it isn’t quite as quick, it is still an undeniably desirable driver’s (electric) car.

The entry-level rear-wheel drive Taycan has different power outputs depending on the battery pack - with the base 79.2 kWh pack, it makes 321 horsepower or if you opt for the larger 93.4 kWh pack, the output goes up to 375 horsepower. Both versions have exactly 250 pound-feet of torque and both hit 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in 5.4 seconds regardless of battery pack size.

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