Rivian recently confirmed that deliveries of the company’s R1T electric truck will begin in June, and it seems the production factory in Normal, Illinois is gearing up for full-scale production soon. 

According to documents from the Normal, Illinois Inspection Department’s Monthly Permit and Project Summary for February 2021 obtained by Teslarati, Rivan is currently building new additions to its main factory at 100 Rivian Motorway. The documents revealed the addresses for the new projects: 301 Kerrick Road, 2430 Electric Avenue, and 2601 W. College Avenue. 

The document includes construction projects from other companies, so here is a breakdown of Rivian's projects (provided by Tesalrati): 

301 Kerrick Road:

Rivian Lease Buildout – Framing & Roughs

100 Rivian Parkway:

Main Entry Renovation – In Progress

Cable Tray Structural – In Progress

Start Me Up Offices – In Progress

North EOL Addition – In Progress

Skateboard Addition – In Progress

North Body Addition – Foundation Work

Cafeteria Remodel – In Progress

S17 Equipment Mezzanine – In Progress

Teams Room #3 – In Progress

Equipment Mezzanines – Foundations & Framing

Battery Mezzanine – Foundations & Framing

100 Rivian Motorway:

Paint Shop Lab – Temporary Occupancy

Stamping/Final Assembly – Temporary Occupancy

Final Assembly Floor R1 – In Progress

Phase II Team Rooms, Paint Shop – In Progress

South End Plant Additions – Temporary Occupancy

West Plant Addition – Interior Buildout

2460 Electric Avenue:

Service Station Building – In Progress

Vibration Test Lab Addition – Temporary Occupancy

2601 W. College Avenue:

Warehouse Remodel – In Progress

Towards the bottom of the first page, you can see there were permits submitted for two projects at 100 Rivian Parkway, and three permits were approved for two projects at 100 Rivian Parkway and one at 301 Kerrick Road. 

Unlike most EV startups that build a factory from the ground up, Rivian purchased a former Mitsubishi factory in 2017 for $16 million and has been in the process of retooling it to build its upcoming R1T truck and R1S SUV. Last year, Rivan had to delay its production plans due to the pandemic. 

Below are the permit and project documents uploaded by Joey Klender:

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