Rivian hasn't shied away from showing off its vehicles. In fact, we've seen them up close, in a plethora of videos, and taking on all sorts of conditions. Few details are left to the imagination. However, this is the first time we've seen the charging port opening.

As many legacy automakers and startups companies work to produce and reveal upcoming electric cars, information and details are often slim. Many of these cars are driving around with plenty of camouflage, it's made clear that design and specs may change before production, and companies are even using mockups and CGI video since they don't have a full working prototype to reveal.

With that said, Rivian has gone about the whole process in a completely different way. It has shown its R1T electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV for some time. When asked questions about the vehicles, CEO RJ Scaringe and other Rivian execs are most often very transparent. The vehicles have been put on display for the public on multiple occasions, too.

In this recent video, we see the Rivian R1T on display at the Georgia state capitol. Meanwhile, Atlanta news channel 11Alive shares:

"Georgia lawmakers are discussing a house bill that would allow electric car companies to sell cars directly to buyers, instead of through dealerships."

Getting these upcoming EVs in front of a public audience is paramount. This is especially true in states and areas where people may not have much exposure to electric cars, and may simply be uninspired by, or even advocating against, the technology. Just the fact that it's an electric pickup truck is inspiring on its own.

As we've said before, while Rivian's vehicles are clearly highly capable, the automaker has used "party tricks" to get people's attention. Whatever it takes to turn people on to EVs.

At any rate, the video is very brief. Check out how the charging port opens. Then, leave us a comment.


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