The Netherlands starts the year 2021 pretty well with a 40% increase in plug-in electric car registrations year-over-year to 4,683.

That's 13.3% of the total market (compared to 7.2% a year ago and 25% in the 12-months of 2020). The overall market was down 21%, by the way.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – January 2021


Model rank

January was quite an interesting month as most of the sales were plug-in hybrids. According to EV Sales Blog, it has a lot to do with the car allocation and self-registrations of BEVs in the late 2020 to lower the average emission results.

There are no signs of the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Tesla Model 3 (the kings of 2020) among the top plug-ins in January.

On the other hand, we see tons of plug-in hybrids from manufacturers that not needed to rush in December 2020 - Volvo and BMW. The situation probably will start to normalize over the next few months. Then we will again see new BEV registrations in high numbers we believe.

Top 20 for the month:

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