Unlike most traditional automakers, Tesla doesn't reveal very much when it launches a new car. Of course, it boasts its vehicles' range and zero-to-60-mph times. It also mentions unique new features.

However, in terms of all the specific details, Tesla rarely shares them all in one place. You can't simply jump on the automaker's website and get a full, in-depth spec sheet and detailed up-close images of every nook and cranny of any of its cars.

For this reason, as soon as a new or updated Tesla model becomes available, people head out looking to get spy shots. Once the model is actually in owners' driveways, you can expect to see close-up videos, detailed images, etc., shared online. This really created a "Where's Waldo?" situation, which is most likely intentional on the part of Tesla. As fans continue to "leak" or share details, it creates a buzz around the product, and people yearn for more information.

This has proven true related to the refreshed Tesla Model S, which has now been spotted in the wild on numerous occasions. As you can see in this latest social media share, the video focuses mostly on the refreshed Model S' interior and touch screens. The new model has a horizontally oriented 17-inch touch screen up front, along with a new rear-seat infotainment display.


The outgoing Model S and Model X had a vertically oriented display mounted above the center console. The refreshed flagship models draw on the horizontally configured tablet-like screen found in the Model 3 and Model Y. However, the screen in the smaller models is 15 inches rather than 17 inches.

Teslarati put together a few images from the video, which the original video poster Chris (@icsichris) also retweeted on Twitter.


As far as we're aware, Tesla has yet to deliver a refreshed Model S. However, CEO Elon Musk said the plan is for deliveries to start this month (February 2021).

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