Airstream, one of America’s most popular camper companies, is going to make a product designed for EVs. Some EV owners might balk at this range-killing idea, but what if it was an electric-assisted travel camper? 

That’s exactly what Airstream has planned. This was confirmed by Green Car Reports in an interview with McKay Featherstone, vice president of product development. 

"This idea is moving beyond the concept phase, and the path to an EV trailer is becoming much more clear. Stay tuned.” 
Airstream Basecamp 20 lead image

As new as this sounds, Airstream isn’t the only camper company wanting to disrupt the EV trailering world. Last year, Lordstown Motors and Camping World announced that the two companies are teaming up for a number of products including an electrified travel camper. But, details are still light. Also, Polydrops, a California camper company, designed a small camper for EVs, but the improvements made were aerodynamic, without any type of electric assist. 

Airstream hasn’t announced any kind of automotive partnership, but Featherstone says it’s in the works:

"Airstream is in active discussions with major players in this space, discussions about everything from marketing engagements to more technical partnerships.”

The timing is good because many electric trucks will hit the market over the next two years. By the end of next year, expect to see the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance, GMC Hummer EV, and the Ford F-150 Electric. All of these trucks should have a towing capacity high enough for a sizable camper. We don’t know how much towing a camper will affect the range of an electric truck yet, but we will know soon. If nothing changes, the Rivian R1T will hit the market first: this Summer. And, if you've seen enough Rivian promotional ads, you know the company likes marketing to the same type of outdoorsy people who like campers. 

Rivian R1T Shows It Can Tow In Hot Weather Testing Video
Rivian R1T Shows It Can Tow In Hot Weather Testing Video

Without a doubt, there are other camper companies planning products for EVs. If you own an EV and like to camp, what are some features you hope to see included in these future campers? Please let us know below.  


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