When Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Tesla teardown expert Sandy Munro, he touted how advanced Tesla’s Autopilot and Full-Self Driving Beta suite has become. Sandy Munro, an engineer, said he was impressed with FSD during his experience testing it

But there are many skeptics out there who still remember Teslas slamming into stationary objects on the side of the road. However, after watching the above video made by Tesla Model S owner and FSD Beta tester AI DRIVR, skeptics might change their mind. 

Highway driving is usually easier for semi-autonomous drive systems to handle, but the inner city streets of San Fransisco is a whole other ball game. Everyone knows drivers and pedestrians can be reckless and what this Tesla encounters is proof of it. 

While testing the latest version of FSD Beta, the Tesla approaches an intersection with a green light, then you see a group of skateboarders rolling through the intersection towards the Tesla on both sides of the road. It doesn’t get more reckless than that. 

Fortunately for the skateboarders, the Tesla’s sensors “saw” the group, slowed down, slightly turned away from one skateboarder coming at it, and even momentarily stopped for everyone to pass. Once the group passed, the Tesla continued on.

If you look closely at the digital instrument screen, you can see how the FSD Beta system picked up the skateboards and represented them as little graphics on the screen, while displaying the surrounding vehicles with larger graphics. 

AI DRIVR, who was behind the wheel and narrating the video was very impressed.

“I think it handled it super, super, super well.”

And he’s right. A cautious human driver would have likely reacted the same way given the exact situation. In addition to that, what if a careless driver who wasn’t paying attention was behind the wheel during that time? Things could have gone really bad. 

This video shows solid proof that FSD Beta has greatly improved, but it still needs some work, as you can see in other parts of the video. 

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