McDonald's Deutschland and EWE Go (a subsidiary of the fifth-largest energy supplier in Germany, EWE AG) announced a significant joint electrification project, which will result in the installation of charging points at over 1,000 restaurants in Germany by 2025.

It's not bad timing, especially since close to 30,000 new BEVs were registered in a single month of November. The company will be able to attract EV drivers, who will be able to combine the stop at a restaurant with recharging.

EWE Go already installed chargers (with a power output of up to 150 kW) at over 40 McDonald's sites. According to the plan, 200 more locations will be electrified in 2021, and 250 a year from 2022, so 1,000 should be reached in 2025.

McDonald’s Deutschland and EWE Go charging point
McDonald’s Deutschland and EWE Go charging point

We are not sure whether all of them will be DC chargers or a mix with AC, but all of the charging points will be powered with 100% renewable electricity.

EWE Go already has about 500 charging locations (1,000 charging points) in the country so the new project probably will become the biggest element of the network.

McDonald's is installing charging points also in other markets - last month we heard about the expansion in Italy.

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