Even as the electric car space grows and more competitors come to market, Tesla continues to dominate in many markets across the globe. More specifically, its sales in Australia appear very strong. Local reports point to the Silicon Valley automaker selling over twice as many electric vehicles as all rivals combined.

Teslarati first shared the information provided by The Driven, which states that Tesla has exported more than 10,000 electric cars to the land down under since 2014. Sadly, Tesla doesn't actually publish official sales numbers in Oz, but The Driven has sales data from various sources.

The numbers are broken down as follows. Out of the total of about 10,000 cars, nearly a third of them were shipped to Australia in 2020 alone. Not surprisingly, almost all of the Tesla vehicles exported to Australia in 2020 were Model 3 sedans, at nearly 3,000. To put it all into perspective, only about 5,000 electric cars have been sold in Australia so far this year.

If you add up all the cars Tesla has shipped to Oz since 2014, about half are Model 3s. Looking at virtually any global market will tell you that the Model 3 is Tesla's most popular vehicle, and in many cases, it's selling better than all other EVs. We'll have to keep our eyes on the Model Y crossover in the future to see if it follows suit or eventually surpasses the Model 3's sales. However, that's not likely to happen until long after Tesla finally begins offering the Model Y in less expensive configurations.

When will another automaker finally give Tesla a run for its money against the Model 3? Why does the Model 3 outsell all other EVs? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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