OXIS Energy announced a $5 million contract with Yachts de Luxe (YdL) of Singapore, which intends to build the world's first-ever luxury boat powered by lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries. The 40 foot luxury day boat was designed by renowned boat designer Jean Jacques Coste.

The plan is to use a 400 kWh battery pack, which whould allow it to achieve a range of 70-100 nautical miles (80-115 miles / 130-185 km) at cruising speed. It seems that energy consumption is pretty high on the water, much higher than in case of a truck or bus.

OXIS Energy will supply the high-energy dense Li-S cells, but from that point, the modules and pack to be built by Williams Advanced Engineering:

"The design and manufacture of the cells modules, the BMS and its installation will be carried out by Williams Advanced Engineering, a subcontractor on the project. This joint expertise will secure enhanced safety levels and the necessary elimination of distance and safety anxiety."

According to YdL, the luxury day boat is just the first step and other applications, including service boats and YdL's Mega Yachts, will follow.

The electrified Luxury Day Boat will be shown on display at the Monaco Boat show in September 2021.

‘Galaxy of Happiness’ – a Jean-Jacques Coste design
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