IONITY today officially announced that its 300th fast-charging station in Europe went online. It's located in France.

Having 300 stations makes the network one of the largest one for long-distance travel through Europe, especially for non-Tesla CCS-compatible EVs that can't use Tesla Superchargers.

The original plan was to install 400 stations by the end of 2020, which means that the goal is  75% complete. On the other hand, the number of 1,211 chargers (with output of up to 350 kW) is now at 50% of the goal of 2,400.

As we can see on the map below, most of the chargers were installed in the central and north part of the Europe, but finally the network is expanding to the south, west, and east.

We guess that once the target of 400 is reached, the owners of the network (BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG, most recently joined by Hyundai Motor Group) will announce a new expansion stage.

For comparison, Tesla has more than 560 Supercharging stations and significantly more charging stalls (several thousands), with power output of usually 150 kW (V2 versions) and up to 250 kW (V3 versions).

IONITY fast-charging network - November 13, 2020


Info about the network:

  • 300 stations installed (1,211 chargers)
  • 52 stations under construction
  • 400 stations (2,400 DC fast chargers, on average six per station) planned by the end of 2020
  • up to 350 kW at up to around 800 V
  • CCS Combo 2 connector only
  • Pricing:
    • New pricing (from January 31, 2020): €0.79 per kWh (Customers without contracts)
    • Example pricing from Connected Mobility Service Providers (MSP):
    • Initial pricing was: "Whether it's in Euro, Swiss Francs, or British Pounds, each and every EV charge will be priced at a transparent set-rate of €8, or £8, or 8CHF per session. In Scandinavia the session fee will be 80 NOK / SEK / DKK."

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