Would you visually modify a Porsche Taycan in any way? It’s already a low-slung, aggressive looking sedan that we’re sure in many people’s eyes wouldn’t need any extra trinkets to help it stand out. However, there will be some people who will want to do crazy visual mods to their Taycan and the car in this video is the first one we’ve seen.

It was spotted by GTBoard.com somewhere in Sweden and it has a lot going on. Where do we begin? Firstly, we have to talk about the rear end which features the most noticeable mods - it has a diffuser (painted white, like the car’s body), as well as a ducktail spoiler.

The ducktail isn’t the worst looking thing that could have gone on the back of a Porsche Taycan, although maybe it could have been a bit smaller and more discreet, but that diffuser doesn’t look great. It just seems tacked on and since it serves no functional purpose, we say it’s not a tasteful mod for the car.

The wheels are also custom and the tires have a bit of contrasting color on their sidewall. The wheels don’t necessarily look bad (especially since for some, the author of this piece included, Porsche’s available rim choices for the Taycan aren’t the best), but the tires are a bit much for a car like this.

Moving to the front, the Taycan appears to have some pieces of carbon fiber trim stuck to its hood and roof. It also has carbon mirror caps and some stuck on carbon along the lower part of the doors. One final note has to do with the car’s ride height - for some reason it appears to be sitting a bit too high; maybe it has something to do with the new rims, but it would probably look better if it was lowered.

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