Perhaps Gigfactory 3 in Shanghai, China and the launch of the Tesla Model Y marked a turning point for Tesla. In the past, the company has been riddled with negative news about false promises and missed timelines. However, it seems those days are numbered. Now, after the company warned the public that its new battery tech is somewhat far off, it seems to be moving forward with it already.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was less optimistic than usual at the company's recent Battery Day event. In fact, he tweeted shortly before the event that the technology shown wouldn't be going into cars any time soon. Maybe he was trying to be fair to investors? Was he just playing it safe so that he wouldn't be later accused of lying or pumping stock? Or, perhaps Tesla is giving less optimistic timelines so that it has a much better chance of bringing future products and tech to market early.

There's really no way to know what's inside Musk's head. However, we find it very interesting that even though the battery tech shown at the recent event is a "future" product, we've learned it's actually already being tested in Tesla's vehicles. In addition, now we have information suggesting that the battery facility on Kato road seems to be highly operational, with plenty of employees on site at all hours of the day.


While we have to be careful here not to jump to conclusions, it's still very positive to see Tesla focusing on this so much already. The company has a plethora of projects on its plate. Clearly, some have been pushed back or tabled, yet Tesla continues to add more. It's building factories in Germany and Texas, expanding in China, and now diving into making its own batteries.

This is all while working to make sure it can deliver a record number of vehicles each quarter and continue to record a profit. Meanwhile, Musk was tweeting last night that Full Self-Driving (FSD) is finally almost here. Will Tesla officially release it before the end of 2020?

At any rate, Teslarati reported that the Tesla owner responsible for the above tweet visited the Kato Road site at 10 PM. The parking lot was full of cars, and there was a shuttle provided for employees who were done with their shift. The facility seemed to be operating at a high level, and not just related to construction efforts or short shifts.

With Musk recently confirming that the Tesla Model S Plaid will use 4680 cells in a structural pack, it's high-time to assure the project is underway, especially if Tesla is going to begin delivering the Plaid before the end of 2021.

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