If you've been following the electric vehicle space for some time, there's a good chance you're familiar with EV West. The store, located in California, specializes in electric car parts and components. More importantly, they're a major player when it comes to EV conversions.

EV West's work attracts the attention of EV advocates and YouTube influencers, so you may have seen projects like its electrified Volkswagen bus, as well as others. More recently, EV West reached our to Ben Sullins with a picture of a plain and simple all-electric van. Sullins took a trip out to EV West to check out the project.

As it turns out, the vehicle is an electric van made in Europe by a company named Modec. It entered the U.S. under the name eStar. This van was the only vehicle the company ever made, though it was available as a cab with a chassis, a box van, and a drop-side van. It has a weak motor and a small lead-acid battery, which only offer about 100 miles of range and a 50 mph top speed.

In the end, the company was failing and ended up merging with Navistar International. Despite the merger, the company eventually failed. EV West got ahold of an old Modec box van and is currently upgrading it to achieve better performance and 200 miles of range. Once complete, it could be used as a work van, converted to a passenger van, or even an EV or camper. The potential here is limitless.

Check out the video for all the details. Then let us know what you think of this project. What would you do with this electric van? We'll keep you posted on how the project turns out.

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