After previously trademarking the e-Samba name, we’ve learned that Volkswagen has now also done so for several classics from its past. The e-Samba was the first, and we learned about it back in June, and now the manufacturer has gone ahead and also trademarked e-Beetle, e-Golf Classic, e-Karmann and e-Kübel.

We don’t know what plans the manufacturer has for all these nameplates, but they could be used in a similar way to e-Bulli. The latter is essentially just an EV converted version of the old Bulli (the classic VW bus) that has also been given a luxury makeover and will set you back €99,900 ($117,300).

However, VW doesn’t actually build the e-Bulli itself, leaving that task to a company called eClassics that specializes in turning older cars into EVs and modernizing them. The e-Bulli has a 35 kWh battery pack, either an 83 or 101 horsepower electric motor and many upgrades to make it feel like a more modern vehicle.

So Volkswagen may have trademarked all of the aforementioned e- nameplates in order for eClassics to build all of them (officially endorsed by VW), or it may have something else planned. The German giant could, as some have suggested, be building modern, reinterpreted versions of all those cars, in the same vein as the I.D. Buzz concept, although we don’t think this scenario is likely.

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