Mercedes-Benz has started sales of an all-new all-electric eVito Tourer, which in its new generation shares powertrain and battery tech with more luxurious EQV.

The eVito Tourer is a commercial passenger vehicle, targeted for a hotel shuttle, a large-capacity taxi or a vehicle for ride-sharing services, while the EQV is more for private customers or VIP shuttle.

In Germany, the new eVito Tourer starts at €53,990 (excl. VAT), at least several thousand below EQV.

New Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer

The new Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer is available in long (5,140 mm) and extra-long (5,370 mm) versions, which can take can take up to 9 passengers.

According to specs, it can go up to 421 km (262 miles) on a single charge, using its huge 100 kWh battery (actually 90 kWh is usable).

There is no shortage of power (150 kW peak) or charging options - 11 kW AC (three-phase) or DC fast charging (50 kW standard and 110 kW option).

That's a huge upgrade compared to the previous Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer with a 41.4 kWh battery, around 156-186 km of range (97-116 miles), 84 kW of power, slower AC charging and no DC option at all.

Gallery: New Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer

The eVito Tourer is produced together with the standard Vito, and V-Class, as well as the all-electric EQV in Vitoria, northern Spain.

The question is if and when the commercial delivery eVito van will also get the EV specs upgrade?

Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer specs:

  • up to 421 km (262 miles)
  • 100 kWh battery pack (90 kWh usable)
  • Top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph) standard and 160 km/h (100 mph) optional
  • Peak output of 150 kW (204 hp) and 362 Nm of torque; 70 kW continuous output
  • front-wheel-drive
  • fast charging at up to 50 kW (standard): 10-80 % SOC in about 80 min
  • fast charging at up to 110 kW (optional): 10-80 % SOC in about 45 min
  • Charging time at a Wallbox or at public charging stations (AC charging, 11 kW): < 10h
  • two length versions (5,140 mm and 5,370 mm) with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3500 kg
  • Luggage compartment (max. depending on equipment) of 999 l (long), 1,390 l (extra-long)
  • up to nine seats
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