The luxury Mercedes-Benz EQV 300 van finally enters the European market as the German manufacturer officially announced the start of sales.

This is the second EQ model, after the Mercedes-Benz EQC, but actually the third all-electric van, after the eVito and eSprinter. The fourth BEV van will be the Mercedes-Benz eCitan in the future.

The EQV 300 is available with a long wheelbase and a permissible total weight of 3,500 kg, in 6-, 7- or 8-seat configurations.

The price starts high, at €71,388.10 ($78,475) incl. 19% VAT in Germany, but it's a luxury and long-range vehicle, with a 100 kWh battery (90 kWh usable) for up to 418 km (260 miles) of range.

The price includes:

  • a maintenance package for four years - which covers the cost of maintenance work according to the service booklet and manufacturer specifications during this period
  • Mercedes-Benz battery certificate up to 160,000 km or eight years
  • Mercedes me remote and navigation services with a term of 36 months
  • Mercedes me Charge function and the Ionity membership for twelve months each

Production of the EQV takes place at the plant in Vitoria in northern Spain, along with the conventional V-Class and the Mercedes-Benz Vito/eVito.

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Mercedes-Benz EQV 300 specs:

  • up to 417-418 km (259-260 miles) based on NEDC
  • 100 kWh battery pack (90 kWh usable)
  • Top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph) standard and 160 km/h (100 mph) optional
  • Peak output of 150 kW (204 hp) and 362 Nm of torque; 70 kW continuous output
  • front-wheel-drive
  • fast charging at up to 50 kW (standard): 10-80 % SOC in about 80 min
  • fast charging at up to 110 kW (optional): 10-80 % SOC in about 45 min
  • Charging time at a Wallbox or at public charging stations (AC charging, 11 kW): < 10h
  • Luggage compartment (max. depending on equipment) of 1030-1410 litres
  • two wheelbases versions with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3500 kg
  • available in 6-, 7- or 8-seat configurations
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Start of Sales for the Mercedes-Benz EQV (Combined power consumption: 26.4 - 26.3 kWh /100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) : Electric large-capacity sedan for family, leisure and business

  • The electric large-capacity sedan can now be ordered as EQV 300 (combined power consumption: 26.3 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)1 with a long wheelbase.
  • Everyday electric mobility with a range of up to 418 kilometers[1] [2] and standard fast charging function.
  • The EQV is the second member of the EQ family of Mercedes-Benz.
  • After eVito and eSprinter, with the EQV almost every Mercedes-Benz van is also available electric.
  • The EQV starts with a price up from EUR 71,388.10 (incl. 19% VAT).

Stuttgart. The new battery-electric-powered large-capacity sedan from Mercedes-Benz, the EQV, can now be ordered. For the market launch, the third electric van with star is available in the long wheelbase version as EQV 300.. The EQV combines emission-free mobility with convincing driving performance, high functionality and an aesthetic design. The battery with a usable capacity of 90 kWh enables a range of up to 418 kilometres2,3.

"Whether for the environmentally conscious family, the recreational athlete or as a shuttle vehicle - our EQV offers superior driving performance, long range as well as a generous range of space - and all this locally emission-free" says Andreas Böger, Head of Sales of New Vehicles Mercedes-Benz Transporter and Vans Germany, at the start of sales of the EQV.

The EQV 300: Electrically and intelligently connected

The electric large-capacity sedan is following the EQC (power consumption combined: 20.8-19.7 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km)1 as the second model in the EQ family from Mercedes-Benz. It is offered until now with a long wheelbase and a permissible total weight of 3,500 kilograms. A connecting element of all EQ vehicles is the design with its avant-garde, independent aesthetic. The focus is on the Black Panel grille with chrome fins and the clear side view. The aesthetics of the exterior continues in the interior.

The electric drive train (eATS) is sitting on the front axle under the dynamic front. It reaches a peak power of 150 kW (204 hp). The e-machine, the fixed transmission, the cooling system and the power electronics form a highly integrated, compact unit. The energy comes from a lithium-ion battery in the underbody of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz EQV develops a maximum torque of up to 362 Newton meters. The maximum speed of up to 140 km/h standard and 160 km/h (option) ensures a fast pace even outside the urban environment.

The EQV is equipped with an AC water-cooled on-board charger (OBL) with an output of 11 kW. This enables the charging with alternating current (AC) at home or at public charging stations. The EQV gets charged via the CCS- vehicle socket which is placed in the bumper on the upper left side. This also enables the charging via direct current (DC). Thanks to the standard maximum charging capacity of 110 kW at a fast charging station, the EQV can be charged in around 45 minutes from 10 to 80 percent.

Due to an intelligent operation strategy the Mercedes-Benz EQV also charges its batteries while driving. In thrust or brake mode, the mechanical rotational movement is converted into electric energy and is used to charge the high-voltage battery (recuperation). The driver has a high influence on the recuperation. He is able to regulate the strength of the recuperation as needed via paddles which are located behind the steering wheel. A new feature offers a particularly efficient and comfortable driving style: recuperation level DAUTO. According to the maxim "drive ahead and save energy" information from the security assistants, the navigation system and the camera get connected and adjust the strength of the recuperation situation-specifically and in real time. In addition, four driving programs help the customer to choose individually between the maximum of comfort and the maximum of range while driving.

By placing the battery in the underbody, the full range of space is available - without any restrictions inside the vehicle. As a result, the EQV meets the highest demands in terms of functionality and variability and covers a wide range of applications. In the private field of application, for example, families benefit from the diverse seating configurations and at the same time from being locally emission-free on the road. With, for example, six individual seats, the van becomes a representative shuttle vehicle that meets all requirements for upscale passenger transport with a comfortable and particularly quiet driving experience. Thanks to the flexible installation of individual seats or benches, the EQV can also be converted into a 7- or even 8-seater.

The EQ specific development of the multimedia system MBUX is another highlight. In the high-resolution 10.25-inch media display, the main menu contains the EQ tile as a central access point to the specific displays and settings. These include: limiting the charging current, setting the departure time for pre-air conditioning and displaying the energy flow and consumption histogram In addition, the media display also allows navigation and Mercedes me Charge functions as well as the driving programs to be operated. One of MBUX's strengths is an intelligent voice control with natural speech comprehension, which is activated with the keyword "Hey Mercedes". Voice control supports many infotainment functions (e.g. Target input, air conditioning)). MBUX also plays to its strengths beyond the vehicle in conjunction with the Mercedes me app. From the living room or office, EQV drivers can plan their destinations, enter a departure time and bring the interior to the desired temperature.

The navigation with Electric Intelligence connects the current battery charge status, weather data and information about the charging infrastructure, automatically calculating a fast and comfortable route with few charging stops and short charging times. Fast charging stations are also preferably chosen for a comfortable travel.

Mercedes me Charge provides an easy access to an charging infrastructure network which is located all over Europe. The charging process can be started, stopped and paid comfortable via the Mercedes me app, the charging card or via the media display in the vehicle. This also enables the access to the Ionity fast-charging network with a discounted charging tariff.

The EQV will be integrated as a production vehicle into the normal production process of the plant in Vitoria in northern Spain, where the V-Class and the Mercedes-Benz Vito are also produced. This enables flexible and synergic production in direct correlation with customer demand.

The EQV 300 is available for start-up as a standard version or as an AVANTGARDE line with long wheelbase. An EQV Design-Package Exterior and an EQV Design-Package Interior are also available as an option.

In terms of price, the EQV starts gross at EUR 71,388.10 (incl. 19% VAT). Included is a maintenance package for four years - which covers the cost of maintenance work according to the service booklet and manufacturer specifications during this period[3] - as well as the Mercedes-Benz battery certificate up to 160,000 km or eight years[4]. Also included in the purchase price are the Mercedes me remote and navigation services with a term of 36 months as well as the Mercedes me Charge function and the Ionity membership for twelve months each.

Specifications of the Mercedes-Benz EQV 300


0 g/km

Electricity consumption (combined)1

26,4 -26,3 kWh/100 km

Range (combined)2,3

417 - 418 km

Charging standard


Minimum charging time at wallbox or public charging station (AC charging, up to 11 kW, series)

< 10 h (0-100 %)

Minimum charging time at fast charging station (DC charging up to 110 kW, series)

approx. 45 min (10-80% SoC)


Front wheel drive

Power (peak)

150 kW (204 hp)

Power (duration)

70 kW (95 hp)

Max Torque

362 Nm



Battery capacity (usable)

90 kWh

Battery capacity (installed)

100 kWh


5.140 mm, 5.370 mm


3.200 mm, 3.430 mm

Top Speed

140 km/h (series), 160 km/h (option)

Luggage compartments (max. depending on equipment)

1.030 litres, 1.410 litres


3,500 kilograms

[1] Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Directive 692/2008/EC. Electrical consumption and range are dependent on the vehicle configuration.

[2] The actual range is furthermore dependent upon the individual driving style, the road and traffic conditions, outside temperature, use of climate control/heating system, etc. and may differ.

[3] According to the specific conditions of the integrated maintenance package for the EQV.

[4] According to the specific conditions of the Mercedes-Benz battery certificate for the EQV.

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