Vincent Cobee is Citroen’s executive vice president and he believes the post COVID-19 pandemic world will be a more EV-friendly world. He argues that between governments’ new incentive plans meant to boost the sales of EVs and buyers’ newfound environmental awareness, more of them will find homes in the near future.

It has to be said, though, that we’re still not in a post-pandemic world quite yet, as many areas are still struggling with hundreds or even thousands of newly infected people every day. And that’s just in the places that do a lot of testing, so we can’t say when Cobee’s prediction will come into play.

The Citroen boss talked about this expected trend on the sidelines of the new C4 launch. The model is also available as the fully-electric e-C4, which is expected to account for up to 10 percent of all new C4 sales in Europe.

He said:

"The last four months have seen a transformation of society and one of the ways out is the transformation of regulations, with a push towards low-carbon vehicles. So we are expecting that the unexpected could happen and I wouldn’t be surprised if the market share of EVs moves towards 20% very, very rapidly, especially with a car like the C4."

And added that even though EVs are more expensive to buy, their running and maintenance costs over time should prove lower. He thinks that once buyers become more aware of this fact, the shift towards EVs will be even greater.

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