Citroen is pulling out all the stops to try to make its Ami electric quadricycle appeal to buyers, including creating special versions with extra appeal. One they made that really seems to have struck a chord with buyers is the Ami Buggy, initially unveiled as the Ami Buggy Concept. It was so well received as a concept that Citroen decided to put it into production, essentially turning it into a desirable collectible.

Only 50 examples were manufactured, and according to Citroen, all of them were sold in 18 minutes. That probably makes it the single most popular Citroen model in recent memory... Joking aside, though, it really does show Citroen the way forward towards making the Ami a more desirable and cool proposition for buyers: sell it as different special versions in very limited numbers, turn it into a kind of fast fashion product along the lines of what clothes brand Zara's parent company Inditex does to keep its revenue stream.

Gallery: Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept

And we really understand why people who otherwise might never have considered an Ami would find this buggy one cool, especially in those European countries where teenagers can drive this without a license. Citroen gave the concept very rugged looking headlight grilles, a proper looking bull bar to protect the lower part of the front fascia and a big LED bar on the roof to really make it look like a mini off-roader.

From the side you could notice that the doors had been removed, it also had a beefy looking roof rack and the wheels and tires are far more off-road oriented; there’s even one on the roof rack itself, just to drive the point home and the look is completed by a small roof spoiler in the rear.

Gallery: Citroen My Ami Buggy Limited Edition

Ford the €9,790 production version, though, Citroen got rid of the chunky tires, most of the yellow accenting, the headlight grilles and the bull bar. And in place of the doors it added bars that should prevent occupants from falling out while cornering vigorously - the concept didn’t have these, nor did it have the fabric roof which can be opened, although by adding that, Citroen removed the cool roof rack.

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