Who would look at these cars side by side and think the Tesla even has a fighting chance?

Supercar collector and popular YouTube influencer The Stradman sold his brand-new Corvette C8 after just two months of ownership. In fact, he's selling half (or more) of his collection. Real estate investor Chandler David Smith bought the car about a week ago.

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Now, of course, the time has come to race the Corvette, but here's where it gets interesting. Not only does Smith want to race it, but he wants to race The Stradman and beat him. In fact, it's on his bucket list. However, in order to do that, Smith wants to be behind the wheel of his Tesla Model 3 Performance, with Stradman piloting the C8.

Why would Smith choose his Tesla over his new Corvette? Well, it's because he is pretty certain the electric car will beat the Corvette in a drag race. Did he make the right choice by choosing to drive the Model 3 over the Vette? Check out the video to find out. Then, leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Chandler David Smith on YouTube:

Drag Racing With The Stradman

One week ago today Chandler purchased the Stradman’s C8 Corvette. This video shows the behind-the-scenes footage of Chandler and The Stradman racing the C8 Corvette and the Tesla Model 3.

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