According to the latest rumors, there is significant demand for the BYD Blade Batteries, which are essentially lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistry in a new cell-to-pack (CTP) version, which skips the module stage through using thinner and longer cells (designed to become structural parts - beams - of the pack).

The initial manufacturing capacity of 6 GWh at the Chongqing plant will be increased by 13 GWh annually by the end of 2020 (compared to 10 GWh rumored previously), as BYD is in "negotiations with several international brands."

Reportedly, the market response for more energy-dense batteries (by 50% in terms of volumetric density on the pack level) is higher than expected.


The first model that will be equipped with the Blade Batteries is the BYD Han. We also heard about Blade Batteries for the new Song EV and now, Gasgoo reports about Blade Batteries in the upcoming new version of BYD Tang, new Qin and Qin Pro. Currently, Tang is using BYD's NCM622 chemistry.

It remains unknown which other brands might also use Blade Batteries - maybe Ford, and maybe Toyota.

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