There is a whole lot to like about the Jaguar I-Pace, the British automaker’s first foray into the world of fully-electric vehicles. It looks like nothing else on the road (in a good way), it handles well and it has plenty of performance and range from its pure-electric powertrain.

However, with its starting price of over $70,000, it might seem a bit expensive, so the news that brand new examples already sitting on dealer lots are up to $20,000 cheaper makes the I-Pace significantly more enticing.

Electrek reports that one dealership in Miami, Florida is offering one I-Pace whose initial list price was $73,745 for just over $53,000. Another dealer, this time from White Plains, New York, is offering an example that initially cost $88,001 with a whopping $21,569 discount. The source article says similar deals are available in Oklahoma City and Seattle.

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Why are dealers doing this? Well, the plain simple answer is that the I-Pace simply isn’t selling particularly well in the United States where it faces off against the likes of Tesla, as well as Hyundai and Kia’s very talented EVs. And with 234 miles of EPA range, the battery-powered Jag lags behind the best EVs on the market - its 394 horsepower and pin-sharp handling are not enough to make up for that in buyers’ minds.

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