Not long ago, we shared a Tesla Model Y 1,000-mile road trip from North Carolina to Ohio. It was Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla), who's a good friend of our team member and colleague Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring / One Lap), who runs our brand-new InsideEVs US YouTube channel. In fact, we've been covering Jenkins' Model Y experience since the day his new electric crossover was delivered.

The previous road trip took Jenkins away from the warm weather down south, and into the wintry mix of the Midwest. He hit some snow and ice, and, of course, ended up with less range than the car was displaying. However, the Tesla still fared pretty well considering.

Fast-forward to the present and Jenkins had to head up to Ohio once again. It's spring now, so the cold weather has passed, but the rainy season is upon us, which ends up impacting Jenkins' Model Y quite a bit.

Weather impacts our cars more than many of us realize. This is especially true for most gas car owners, since they may not be actively observing the effects. As EV owners, we tend to pay much more attention to range and efficiency. Jenkins has actually been keeping track of his Model Y's efficiency on his trips. He's treating them like real-world range tests, so he can share the information with us.

As you will learn from the video, even though the weather is mild in terms of temps, the rain, in addition to the wind, impacts the crossover's efficiency more than expected. Check out the video and then share your experiences with driving an EV in inclement weather.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

1000 Mile Trip in Model Y - Didn't Go So Well

This is the second 1000 mile trip to Ohio to get my daughter. Didn't go as planned because of the weather. Light weight wheels from Signature Wheel didn't make a difference in the range which is a good thing. iPad worked great.

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