Most people agree that Tesla makes the best electric vehicles available today. However, they haven't quite caught up to the legacy OEMs when it comes to manufacturing and build quality, but they are getting better. Plenty of existing Tesla owners reported various initial quality issues ranging from misaligned body panels to a multitude of paint problems.

My Tesla Model 3 was pretty good, but it did arrive at my home with a torn speaker cover which Tesla replaced a few months after I took delivery. Therefore, it's really important to thoroughly inspect your Tesla when you take delivery. You need to note any problems you see before you leave your delivery center, or before the Tesla delivery representative leaves your home after delivery. 

With Tesla's Freemont factory back up and running, Model Y's will soon begin to roll off the assembly line by the thousands, and shortly after, happy customers will take delivery. We know you're going to be very excited to receive the car you've probably been waiting a few years for, but don't let your excitement cause you to fail to inspect the vehicle for defects or you could pay for it later. 

Take your time and look over everything, and note anything that doesn't look right. You don't have to follow up on all of the perceived issues if you decide they aren't worth the hassle, but noting them at delivery will allow you to make a claim and have Tesla repair it if you decide you want it fixed. Tesla won't always agree that the issue you're bringing up is worthy or repair, and can say that the issue is "within spec", but noting it at delivery will at least give you a chance to have the issue rectified. 

In the video above, the YouTube channel "Bearded Tesla Guy" offers his recommendations of what you should be looking for when you inspect your Model Y upon delivery. He has a Model Y and admitted that he didn't really know what to look for when he took delivery. Therefore he wanted to help future Model Y owners by pointing out some of the more important things to look for. 

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He comes up with a pretty extensive list of more than twenty known Model Y issues so make sure you check out all of these things during the delivery process. Did he miss anything?  If there are any existing Model Y owners out there that have anything to add to this, please mention it in the comment section below. 


Video description via Bearded Tesla Guy on YouTube:


Wondering what to look for during your delivery of the Tesla Model Y? This is an overview of some of the items that it would make sense to check out during your delivery appointment. Based on my experience and the experiences of others, I have compiled some of the bigger items that you will want to make sure you check out. There are likely to be issues on your Tesla Model Y when you go to pick it up. Just make sure you take the time to get the issues documented so that they can be addressed by Tesla. Tesla has historically been good about addressing issues after delivery, although, if you don't document the problem during delivery, it is not a sure bet. Take the time to review and document those issues now. Be sure to subscribe to support our channel.

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