Tesla's Model Y deliveries began in the middle of March, just as the COVID-19 crisis was beginning to really spread throughout the US and some European countries. Because of the shutdown designed to "flatten the curve" of the spread of the deadly virus, media outlets didn't get the opportunity to test out the new electric crossover as quickly as they normally would.

However, things are beginning to slowly return to normal now, and we're beginning to see more and more road tests and comprehensive review videos from established car review sites. In the video we bring you today, Miguel Cortina of MotorTrend gets his hands on a new Tesla Model Y and takes the viewers through an interior "sit-around" review.

Cortina begins by pointing out how the Model Y's cabin is clean and simple, and extremely similar to the Model 3's. He notes that unlike the Model 3, the Model Y comes with a wireless charging pad that can charge two cell phones. 

The other noticeable difference is how the seating position in the Model Y is much higher than it is in the Model 3. That's because unlike the Model 3, the front seats sit up on a 5" riser.

Cortina notes that the seat height makes entering and exiting the Model Y much easier because you don't need to lower yourself to get in or lift yourself up to exit the vehicle.

I have a Model 3 and would actually prefer it if the front driving position was a little higher for that exact reason.

Model Y Interior review
With the rear seats in the furthest reclined position, the Model Y doesn't offer much headroom.

Cortina then explains how the Model Y's rear seating area is more spacious than the Model 3's and that the rear seats are also adjustable and can be reclined a bit. He did note that when the seats are in the fully reclined position, there isn't all that much headroom.

That's because the passenger's head then enters the area where the rear hatch begins to sharply slope down and reduces the available headroom. 

He then tasks a look at the large rear cargo area with the rear seats folded down. The Model Y offers a lot of room in the cargo area as well in the passenger's cabin, and that's what it's really all about.

As Cortina points out, the Model Y is basically a Model 3 with more interior space. That's what you're paying for and the Model Y delivers. 

Video description via MotorTrend Channel on YouTube:

It’s here! The Tesla Model Y. In an early look, MotorTrend’s Miguel Cortina shows the subtle differences between the new Tesla SUV and the Model 3 that came before it. Learn more

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