YouTuber Cleanerwatt takes us through Model Y Performance pricing to help us decide if the new Tesla crossover is really worth the money. Should you just go with the Long Range or wait for cheaper versions?

The Tesla Model Y came to market in March 2020, several months ahead of schedule. However, shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic slowed production to a halt, at least temporarily. At this point, the only Model Y versions currently available are the more expensive, dual-motor all-wheel-drive configurations.

If you decide to buy a Model Y today, you can pick the Long Range or Performance model. Starting prices are $52,990 and $60,990, respectively. In addition, there's a $1,200 destination and document fee. Later, Tesla will bring the three-row Model Y to market, as well as other variants of the electric crossover.

Eventually, there should be a Model Y Standard Range "Plus" model of some sort, though we never really know for sure what Tesla has planned. A single-motor rear-wheel-drive Model Y is supposed to come to market with a starting price in the neighborhood of $44,000. Heck, perhaps there will even be an "off-menu" bare-bones Model Y Standard Range that starts at $39,000?

In the end, the best choice really depends on your budget and priorities, but this video should help. Scroll down to the comment section and let us know what you think about Model Y pricing.

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Here's Why the Tesla Model Y is ABSOLUTELY Worth the $61K Purchase Price

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