Is the Tesla Model Y worth its weight in gold? Will it succeed in Europe?

When Tesla first revealed the Model Y, it was a bit of a disappointment to some people. This is because it basically looks like an inflated Model 3. To be honest, many people that aren't in the know can't even tell the cars apart, unless they're sitting side-by-side, of course.

To some, it seemed strange for Tesla to bring such a car to market. If it was a true three-row SUV, it may appeal more to Americans, but it's more of a Model 3 hatchback. Nonetheless, the Model Y does stand to be very popular for many reasons. This may be especially true in Europe, where people don't really drive large cars.

Traditional American three-row SUVs are not what most Europeans want. The Tesla Model 3 has proven hugely popular overseas. Keep the sporty look and performance specs, add a hatch, make it more practical, and you might have a true winner. If Tesla had designed the Model 3 as a hatchback in the first place, who knows if the Model Y would have ever come to market.

Fully Charged finally dives deep into the Model Y. Robert Llewellyn breaks down its specs and compares is to his own personal Tesla Model 3. He also spends some time discussing Tesla's future plans, as well as the automaker's battery situation

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Tesla Model Y and Cheap Batteries | Fully Charged

People in the USA are beginning to receive the first orders of Tesla's latest SUV, the Model Y. In this episode of Fully Charged, Robert takes a look at the Model Y's specifications and compares with his very own Model 3.

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