Zack Nelson (Jerry Rig Everything) enjoyed the amazing opportunity to head to the Alaskan tundra to experience testing the Model Y in extreme temperatures. He was invited by Tesla – the automaker has a winter testing facility in the northern state – though he paid his own way and made his own video.

Why would Tesla test its Model Y in cold temps on ice in Alaska? This is because essentially all cars are tested this way. In order to have a baseline for how a car performs overall, it’s critical to test it in extremes.

While some people may argue that Tesla vehicles are primarily designed for people who drive in milder conditions, this is not the case, despite the fact that many Tesla owners live in California. Sure, the cars are going to have much more range in mild temps, but they're designed and tested to endure frigid temps, ice, and off-road conditions.

Remember, Tesla vehicles are very popular in areas like Norway, as well as northern California and into Oregon and Washington. Colorado is also a hot spot for Teslas. So, how does the all-new, all-wheel-drive Tesla Model Y electric crossover fare during testing in Alaska?

Check out the video to see all the amazing footage. Then, leave us your thoughts and experiences in our comment section.

Video Description via JerryRigEverything on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y Durability Test - Off-Roading on Arctic ICE?!

Today we find out how durable the new Tesla Model Y is... on ICE. Tesla invited me out to Alaska to see how they test their electric vehicles in extreme temperatures. I don't think most people are going to take their new vehicles offroading through the Alaskan Tundra, but... it's good to know the Model Y can handle it. This video is not sponsored, I paid my own way. It was totally worth it.

The Tesla Model Y is the lastest electric car to start shipping from Tesla. A lithium-powered SUV with more room than the Model 3, but far cheaper than the Model X.

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