EVs in cold weather is definitely an issue on the radar of potential buyers. However, whenever we cover something like this, the first comments are always arguments about "cold" versus "real cold," or "deep snow" versus light snow. Regardless, it's important to see how a car like the Tesla Model 3 fares in subjectively cold weather.

We'll try to negate the above concern by saying up front, we realize there are locations that experience mild temps, as well as areas the experience extremely frigid temps. In some locations, snow gets really deep (we're talking about many feet of snow), whereas in other areas the snow is typically light, though still quite slick to drive on.

None of the above is really the point here. While there are surely extremes on both sides, in an attempt to provide a middle ground and appease all, we share articles and videos related to cold temps, though they may not be as cold as those you've experienced. For example, we may not be sharing EV test drives in Death Valley inasmuch as we may not be sharing those from northern Alaska or Thompson, Manitoba.

Keep in mind, people in locations like Florida and parts of California experience cold temps based on their reality. In fact, 50F might be time to bundle up and preheat your car. Just the same, people in northern Canada may jump for joy when it's really warm (like the same 50F, haha). 

With all that said, this YouTuber is driving his Tesla Model 3 in temps that are somewhere around 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 to -12 Celsius). Check out the video to see what he's learned. Then, leave us a comment, though we'd appreciate it if it wasn't a comment about how this is NOT true cold, etc. etc. Our end goal is to educate the "new" and uninformed EV community.

Video Description via Redskull on YouTube:

The REAL Range of the TESLA Model 3 in the Cold - The Truth!

This video answers one of the most commonly asked questions about the Tesla Model 3, What is the Tesla Model 3 range in the cold?

Since it was pretty cold yesterday I took the car for a ride and documented the outcome!

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