It is my longstanding belief that people who wants SUVs would usually be better off with a wagon, so I’m all on board with the creation of a Porsche Taycan shooting brake model of sorts. And TheSketchMonkey, who is from Sweden where wagons have cult status, is with me on this, so he envisioned what such a Taycan variant would look like.

Now you’re going to say ‘ but wait, isn’t Porsche putting the Taycan Cross Turismo, the series version of the original Mission E concept into production? ‘ Well, yes, but that will be a special version with plastic body cladding and a raised ride height - it will therefore not be as dynamically capable through the corners as the regular Taycan.

So for those people who don’t need the taller suspension, yet they do want the extra practicality of an estate car, a Taycan Sport Turismo is the way to go. Porsche hasn’t specifically said whether or not it’s going to make the car, but since the body shell would be identical to that of the Cross Turismo the manufacturer is putting into production, the investment wouldn’t be massive.

The problem is one of perception, though, since people in the United States have a bit of a bias against load lugging wagons. This body style conjures images of old station wagons with wood on the side, images which for the average European are amusing because in most countries on the Old Continent, wagons are extremely popular (specifically because they drive like sedans yet offer superior cargo carrying capacity).

Taycan Wagon

If U.S. buyers were more into wagons, and not crossovers, Porsche would probably already be testing the Taycan Sport Turismo with plans to get it on the market soon. Apparently developing it just for Europe where it would sell is not enough incentive for the manufacturer to give this project the green light (at least for now).

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