To say Tesla rocked the automotive design world with its no-curves-allowed Cybertruck last November is a hilarious understatement. The wedge-shaped pickup is polarizing on all sides, with folks either loving its crazy sci-fi nature or absolutely hating it. Regardless of these opinions, one thing is clear – it looks like nothing else in the automotive world and for better or worse, it’s instantly identifiable as a Tesla. At a time when many SUVs and crossovers are as cookie-cutter average as boxes of generic corn flakes, there’s something to be said for brand recognition.

This is the crux of a new design project from everyone’s favorite YouTube auto artist, The Sketch Monkey. He points out the radical nature and uniqueness of the Cybertruck’s shape, and then applies those touches to the backside of Model S. The end-result is called the Cyberwagon, fusing straight lines and sharp edges with existing curves on the EV sedan to create, well, this.

Tesla Cyberwagon Screenshot
Tesla Cyberwagon Screenshot

As auto journalists, we’re required by law to like all station wagons so on that basis alone, it’s an interesting endeavor. We also get what he’s talking about with regards to unique design language, and for better or worse, incorporating Cybertruck elements into other Tesla products can give the automaker a distinctive place in the market. And as always, we give credit to his Monkeyness for making a complex redesign look super easy. At the end of the day, this is a boxy wagon we think people could get behind. There’s just one problem – boxy wagons are the well-established domain of a company called Volvo.

Try as we might, we can’t help but see shades of Volvo is this design. We’re sure it was unintentional, because there are only so many ways you can design a box. Make those vertical taillights a bit wider, though, and we could be looking at a modern-day 850. That’s not a bad thing because the 850 is freaking awesome, but it’s also not a unique look that clearly establishes this as a Tesla.

Gallery: Tesla Cyberwagon Rendering Screenshots

That said, perhaps we’ll get a head-on makeover to complete this Cyberwagon transformation. Add some sharp corners on the hood, teeny headlights, smashed windows, and give it a stainless steel makeover, and this could be the bonkers wagon of our dreams. Or nightmares. The jury is still out on that one.

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