APEX, the company that earlier this year unveiled the AP-0 all-electric two-seat hypercar, outlined what might come next.

The company is currently focused on the launch of AP-0 in 2022. The first step to make it a reality is to build a manufacturing facility in Woking, Surrey, UK. The production capacity will be 500 units annually, which sounds ambitious considering the price of £150,000 ($187,500). We are not sure whether there will be enough wealthy enthusiasts for the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration in 2.3 seconds.

The second step of the plan will be a smaller, entry-level sports EV for less than £100,000 ($125,000). Production of this model would take place in China, although all the design and engineering will in the UK, using AP-0's modular platform.

The third, most distant project (by 2030), will be a more practical four-seat electric car for everyday use.

According to Jason and Gary Leung, Hong Kong-based brothers who run the company, APEX does not intend to be similar to Tesla or other brands:

“We’re not trying to have a product similar to Tesla or other car makers. We’re trying to make something different. At the AP-0’s price level, we have a good-handling car but also one that’s safe on road and eco-friendly.”

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