The production of the all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf was supposed to end once the new ID.3 hit the market, but according to the latest, unofficial reports from Germany, it might be more complicated.

The latest news episode on the Nextmove channel (see from 3:12) reveals an internal document, which indicates e-Golf production through September 2020 and customer deliveries trhough late 2020.

Why would Volkswagen want to prolong the production of e-Golf if there is an all-new, and better ID.3 model? The ID.3 is already in production and scheduled for customer deliveries from Summer 2020, once the software is ready.

There are four possible major factors in the equation:

  • There is a necessity in the EU to sell more BEVs to meet new emission requirements and simply more e-Golfs will be needed
  • At current e-Golf prices, there is a high demand for the e-Golf, which is a good thing these days
  • The ID.3 software issue is serious and the company expects a delayed ramp-up of ID.3
  • The COVID-19 outbreak makes the market unpredictable, so the company sticks to the already proven model

Some might say that VW will use the COVID-19 as an excuse to delay the ID.3, while the real reason is the software, but we don't know.

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