It's incredibly interesting that the Volkswagen e-Golf would make its way into TFL's newfound electric car coverage. While it shows a higher price point and a meager 125 miles of EPA-estimated range, it also shows an impressive efficiency rating. Moreover, it's a stellar performer on almost all levels.

Yes, the Volkswagen e-Golf is arguably overpriced and short on range. However, as TFLcar sees it, it may be a solid option for some folks, and we at InsideEVs agree. If you're going to pick an EV that's short on range, the VW e-Golf is hard to top due to its agile handling, respectable passenger space, huge cargo hold, and impressive efficiency.

Moving further into the analysis, TFLcar shows that the e-Golf doesn't have a frunk and recup / regen is ultimately weird. However, the publication also proves that the e-Golf has more up-to-date tech features than many EVs. 

In the end, they point out that it's a California compliance car. With that being said, the $35,000 car is currently discounted by $10,000 in the Golden State. Add in the $7,500 federal EV rebate and some local and state rebates that are as high as $5,000, and you're looking at a compelling EV that could cost you $12,500. Wow!

What do you think of the VW e-Golf at this price? Scroll down and leave us your thoughts.

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Here’s How To Buy a BRAND New EV For Just $12K!

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