This newest rendering of the Hummer electric pickup truck presents a more traditional Hummer-like (HX) appearance. Will the actual truck resemble this?

If you recall, InsideEVs recently released two renders of the Hummer electric truck. Both of those renders were based on the initial teaser images put on by GMC. The teased front image was transformed into a bold-looking, rugged, high-riding truck

However, the side profile outlined released by GMC suggested that the Hummer electric pickup truck would take on a more GMC-like appearance and our render reveals exactly that.

This newest render, presented in video form, actually takes InsideEVs' initial render and adds to it the styling cues of the Hummer HX concept. Hummer HX is a two-door off-road concept SUV that was revealed at the 2008 North American International Auto Show.

The HX has a more traditional Hummer-like appearance than does our more GMC-like representation. The actual Hummer truck has yet to be fully revealed, so we're not sure whether our render or this HX-based one will more closely resemble the real deal. We do know quite a bit about the Hummer truck though.

Hummer Electric Pickup Truck: Everything We Know

Here's another look at the HX-based Hummer truck. Unfortunately, the video only presents the front view of the truck. There is not a 3/4 view to give us a look at the vehicle's profile.

Hummer Pickup Truck Render - HX

And here's our render of the Hummer pickup:

Hummer EV Truck Render Front

This image is a bit zoomed in to capture some of the additional details present on the HX-based render.

And here's some background info on the Hummer HX via Wikipedia:

The Hummer HX is a two-door off-road concept compact SUV that was revealed at the 2008 North American International Auto Show by General Motors.

The objective of the HX concept car project was to potentially market a Hummer branded vehicle in the smaller-sized and lower-priced SUV market segments. Development of the vehicle, dubbed H4, began in 2004 and the new model was to be Jeep Wrangler sized.

The HX was shown with a slant-back configuration, wearing a desert-inspired matte olive paint scheme, and featured removable doors with exposed hinge pins and removable composite fender flares that are attached with quarter-turn quick-release fasteners.

Video description via Tricksta on YouTube:

LIKE this video and help relay the message to GM WE WANT THE HUMMER HX.

I own two clunker Hummer H2 SUVs and I love them both.

If ya guys did not already know I am a huge fan of Hummer, and have been waiting and praying they would bring it back and release the AMAZING LOOKING Hummer HX... but they GM failed us all with this new garbage.

It's not that this is not one good looking GMC pickup truck, it's that it's not a HUMMER!

The return of the Jeep gladiator kept its iconic shape. never changed their iconic shape, and The Mercadies benzene G wagon never changed their iconic shape, why has GM decided to go this route.

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